How Event Guru Software Creates the Most Affordable Software Option for Venues


Everyone has a budget where they will have to make difficult decisions to get the most value for their buck. We’ve all heard the phrase “you get what you pay for,” but is there a way to get quality and not go broke doing it? This is a concern every venue has when it comes to purchasing event management  software.


Event management software is a must for any venue that wants to provide the best possible experience to their clients. A standard event solution offers quick and easy meeting, dining and lodging inventory and reservations, attendee registration, excellent communication with planners throughout the process, invoicing, and more. Manual, disparate processes only create confusion, limit collaboration, and cause potential clients to fall through the cracks.


We wanted to create event management software that helped venues manage their event without breaking their budget. We also wanted to provide features that our vendor clients would use rather than software with a lot of extra features that bloat the price, but add very little functionality to managing the event. We felt we did this with our simple yet comprehensive event management software.


Why You Can Get Both Quality and Affordability


Affordability is a concern for most venues; nobody wants to spend more than necessary. Therefore, we created a simple yet comprehensive software system where affordability is just as important as functionality.


We’ve created a unique approach to pricing that is practically unheard of in the software industry: we give our vendor clients one invoice every year. There are no hidden fees, maintenance fees, or upgrade fees. If our software is updated, you get the newest version automatically and for free. This makes budgeting a whole lot simpler and clients always get the best version of Event Guru Software available.


In a previous post, we wrote about researching software systems and how to find the best software system for you at the right price. We would encourage you to check it out here if you haven’t already done so. After you have set up a budget, identified your software needs, and researched several software systems, we hope you would agree that Event Guru Software fits most budgets and venues’ needs.