Choosing Software that Creates an Optimal Event Registration Process

As with most things in business, first impressions are very important. The registration process is usually the first time attendees interact with your event. If the process is seamless and simple, this is usually a good sign that the organizers know what they’re doing and will deliver an engaging and informative time. So then the question becomes what does an optimal event registration process look like? Let’s examine this for a minute.


Back in the old days of event registration, organizers would send paper invitations to prospective attendees in the hope that they would send it back with an affirmative answer. Event management software has nullified the need to use paper invitations and has made the event registration process much easier for the attendee as well as the organizers tracking who is going to attend. Event registration is simply the process where individuals confirm they will be going to an event. The optimal process will enable registrants to fill out their information to RSVP, pay using their credit card in a secure environment, check-in on the day of the event, etc.


There are many different tools and event management software out there that can simplify the registration process. The key thing to keep in mind is that you will need to assess your event and determine what is required for event registration. There may be some features that are really unnecessary and others that must be included in the software. For example, the number of events you will use the software for, the need for name badges, and the size of the typical event will all factor in your decision-making.


Simplicity, Professionalism, and Integration


The most important factor for event registration is simplicity. Venues that have a user-friendly event registration system will increase their attendance numbers and boost their event revenue. It’s as simple as that. The software should be intuitive and clear, so users know where to go to confirm their attendance, pay for their ticket, etc. In a future post, we will talk about best practices for event registration, but we highly suggest that you keep your registration short to avoid confusion.


Additionally, we must stress that simplicity does not mean that the registration should look unpolished or unprofessional. One of the features that make Event Guru Software stand out to venues is the ability to create custom registration forms. Users can create forms that reflect their branding and event theme. Users can also choose among our many webpage templates designed specifically for registrations. Remember, first impressions matter, so a good-looking, professional registration will go a long way in converting a prospect into a confirmed attendee.


Finally, we would suggest that you choose event registration software that can integrated with other software as well as your social media channels. The software should be able to accept most credit card payment options and integrate with your email marketing platform if at all possible. The goal is to create a holistic, seamless process that is both optimal for your attendees and your event’s organizers.


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