COVID-19 Event Compliance

Covid 19 event compliance


COVID-19 Event Compliance


We strive every day to help event planners conduct the best event possible through our cloud-based event venue management software. There is no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the event planning industry. A lot of things that were not on the radar of event specialists need to now be at the forefront of their planning. In order to best protect their guests, event planners must stay up to date on government mandated restrictions on certain types of events. We are happy to help our customers ensure that they are meeting COVID-19 event compliance guidelines. Our experts know that things change seemingly daily, which can make maintaining compliance extremely difficult. With Event Guru Software, no event planner has to face these unique challenges alone.


If you are unsure of the particulars behind current COVID-19 event compliance guidelines, be sure to reach out to our team of experts.  In the meantime, our team has put together a list of suggestions that will not only help with compliance issues but may attract more customers to utilize your event planning services.


Step Outside


Pretty much every type of event space in North America has some restrictions in place when it comes to the number of people who can be inside an event space. These restrictions loosen up with outdoor event venues. As science points towards the virus being more difficult to contract in an outdoor space, people are also more comfortable attending outdoor venues. Of course, all social distancing guidelines and mask policies must be followed regardless of the event space. However, the comfort level of your guests is paramount. To draw a crowd and maintain COVID-19 event compliance, the great outdoors may offer the best option.


Leverage Our Technology to Reinvent a Space


By utilizing our software, event planners can experiment with different layouts within their event space. This can be extremely beneficial as planners look to keep tables socially distanced and still maximize the functionality of the space. A lot of event spaces are growing more flexible in how their space is utilized. For instance, patios, rooftops and even parking lots are now often being used as event space. Our software paired with your imagination make anything possible.


Leverage our Technology to Track Risk


Ensuring COVID-19 event compliance is heavily reliant on how risked is managed. Our software allows event planners to incorporate a new event type that will help categorize high risk attendees and lower risk guests. This will help to alert team members of advance of special requests or special accommodations that must be made for a guest. Sometimes, the special accommodation will simply come in the form of setting up a virtual meeting space so some attendees can attend from the safety of their home or office space.


Maintain Spotless Records


Unfortunately, lost revenue is a reality for many event planners in the age of COVID-19. Relief from the government is available in the form of grants, but these grants can only be obtained with proper documentation. Our software allows for all expenses to be tracked in real-time. When an event planner has the proper information at their fingertips, they have a higher likelihood of getting the maximum amount offered by the government.


There are many more tips that are experts at Event Guru Software can provide event planners. Be sure to reach out to one of our experts today to learn more!