Using Disconnected Systems Will Impact Your Bottom Line Period

Using Disconnected Systems Will Impact Your Bottom Line Period

No if, ands, or buts about it your business is suffering if you are using multiple systems to manage its day-to-day operations.  The time it requires to jump between different software to find information or run a report is time wasted.  Think of it as those elements of your business that fall through the cracks never to be seen or heard from again.  The fact is that we are human and humans make mistakes especially when we are left to fend for ourselves out in the wild business jungle.  The problem is that when these “user errors” occur on a frequent basis it will take a toll on your business from customer satisfaction to missing revenue that you will never be able to recoup.

There is a spectrum within the conference and events industry that most venues fall onto.  At one end you have a venue that is doing everything by hand.  This venue usually has a large, physical calendar somewhere that is managed by the Director that no one else can touch.  The piles and piles of paperwork make filing and information tracking a full time job.  Some venues fall in the middle where they are using a home-built system, but still have their manual back ups pieced together like a new age Frankenstein.  MMM Fire bad!!!  Finally, other venues are using a variety of commercial systems but they are totally disconnected and require a lot of time to manage.  In every case, the information you need to efficiently run your business is scattered and inaccessible to the people that need it the most ie your team and other support staff that need to make important decisions right now.  What is the best way to fix this issue and turn your venue into a well oiled machine?

The solution is to secure an all-in-one software system that can pull these elements together in a central place.  By securing a system that connects the vital parts of your business together such as scheduling, contracting, billing, and reporting, you can eliminate these inefficiencies and finally streamline your operations.  The less time you spend chasing information the more time you can spend on other higher priorities such as your customers or generating revenue.  Here are a few areas where a centralized solution will help your venue:

  1. Increases staff productivity since your team can quickly locate information when they need it the most.
  2. Improves customer satisfaction now that you have the ability to identify their likes and dislikes before they show up at your front door.
  3. Support services such as security, catering or housekeeping will have access to the upcoming schedule helping them prepare well in advance and avoid any last-minute surprises.
  4. By having the billing in the same system as scheduling, you will never miss any charges and avoid costly invoicing errors.
  5. You can start to make more informed business decisions now that you can see the big picture from one system.
  6. Monitoring your staff’s comings and goings will help you hold employees accountable for their actions while on the clock.

You don’t need to be a technological genius to get things moving in the right direction.  The team at Event Guru Software has the expertise and technology to get your venue back on track.  It’s time to get connected and improve your venue operations once and for all.  Contact an Event Guru Software team member at info@eventgurusoftware.com and we can discuss the options that work best for your future plans.